All Spare Bits

Prints and Paper Goods


All Spare Bits designs begin as hand-cut (aka analog) collages, using components extracted from my ever-growing collection of used books, vintage magazines and other ephemera. My wrapping papers, cards, and prints convey a retro vibe, reflective of these source materials. 

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About Us

Kathy Brown

Owner, Designer

Having fun with glue, paper, scissors! A background in engineering and construction gave me an eye for scale and design. A part-time job at an auction house and a long-standing penchant for flea markets resulted in a still-growing collection of ephemera and photo-filled books. Collage is my way to bring it all together.

Where did the name come from? All Spare Bits is a term I heard from a Mr. Corcoran. He had grown up in Depression-era London, and "ASB" was how he and his friends referred to the bikes they constructed from assorted found parts. It seemed a perfect reference for the assemblages created from my accumulation of paper goods.